6 Best Custom AI Chatbots for Business Websites (April 2024)
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6 Best Custom AI Chatbots for Business Websites (April 2024)

Choosing the right AI chatbot for your business depends on your specific needs, whether it's enhancing customer support, increasing sales, or automating responses. These are the top 6 AI Chatbots in 2024.

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by Ananay Batra

In the digital age, AI chatbots have become indispensable tools for businesses aiming to enhance customer engagement and streamline operations.

The real magic of these chatbots lies in their ability to be trained on specific business data, enabling them to deliver responses that aren’t just accurate but also highly customized. This capability ensures that every interaction reflects the company's unique voice, products, and services. Whether it’s pulling up detailed product information, navigating customer service inquiries, or providing personalized recommendations, these chatbots can do it all with a remarkable degree of precision.

Personalized experiences and support 24/7 without the constant need for human intervention. With AI capabilities such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and predictive analytics, chatbots can significantly enhance customer interaction, lead generation, and operational efficiency.

Given the diverse applications and rapid advancements in AI technology, selecting the right chatbot can be pivotal for achieving business objectives. Here, we present the top 10 custom AI chatbots as of April 2024, highlighting the features that make each unique and well-suited to different business needs:

1. Chatling


Chatling takes advantage of Generative AI, to offer AI chatbots that can be trained on your website content, documents, knowledge base, and other resources (automatically).

The process is exactly as you imagine it should be, enter the resources that the chatbot should be trained on. You can enter a website or sitemap URL for the chatbot to crawl and ingest the content or manually input the text, FAQ, and more. You can add as many data sources as necessary. The chatbot will consume all the resources and train itself.

Once the data is ingested, customize every aspect of the chatbot to match your branding and configure it according to your needs.

The chatbot will be trained and ready to chat with customers within minutes. Add it to your website instantly without any coding.

Best of all, view all the conversations your customers are having with the chatbot and get insights into what your customers are looking for and how the chatbot is performing. You can also fine-tune the chatbot's responses to improve its accuracy.

  • Chatling uses Generative AI to train chatbots on your content for personalized interactions.
  • Input any content source (URLs, texts) for the chatbot to learn from.
  • Customize chatbot appearance and functionality to match your brand.
  • Rapid deployment with chatbots ready in minutes, no coding needed.
  • Access insights on customer conversations and adjust chatbot accuracy.

2. Chatbase


Just upload your documents or add a link to your website and get a ChatGPT-like chatbot for your data. Then add it as a widget to your website or chat with it through the API.

WordPress websites will have an extremely easy time, with the plugin integration that allows you to easily add a Chatbase chatbot to your website.

The platform uses Generative AI, and a combination of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms. These technologies enable Chatbase to understand and interpret user queries, provide accurate responses, and continuously improve its performance over time. It's a powerful tool for building intelligent chatbots.

Chatbase is a great option for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to train ChatGPT on your own data, which means you have control over the knowledge and responses of your chatbot. Secondly, Chatbase offers a user-friendly interface for creating and managing chatbots, making it accessible even for those without extensive technical knowledge.

Additionally, Chatbase provides options for customization and integration with other platforms such as WordPress, Zapier, and Slack. Overall, Chatbase offers a powerful and flexible solution for building chatbots that can enhance user engagement and provide automated support.

  • Accurate conversation analysis and understanding of user intents
  • Collection of user inputs and responses for conversation flow analysis
  • Ability to collect and store user attributes such as email addresses and phone numbers
  • Integrations with Zapier, Slack, and WordPress for seamless integration into existing workflows
  • Future integrations with WhatsApp, Messenger, and Shopify for expanded reach
  • Utilization of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms for intelligent chatbot capabilities
  • User-friendly interface for easy creation and management of chatbots
  • Customization options to tailor the chatbot to specific needs
  • Continuous improvement through machine learning for enhanced performance over time.

3. CustomGPT


CustomGPT revolutionizes the way businesses engage with customers and enhance employee productivity through its state-of-the-art GPT-4 powered platform. Offering a secure, privacy-first, and no-code solution, CustomGPT enables businesses to create their own AI chatbot populated with their specific business content, ensuring accurate and relevant responses without fabricating facts.

This innovative tool can be embedded directly onto a business's website, fostering increased customer engagement and sales, or deployed internally to streamline employee tasks, significantly saving time and improving efficiency.

With the flexibility of CustomGPT.ai, businesses have the capability to ingest a wide array of content types, from public-facing materials like website content and helpdesk information to private documents and customer data, all within a secure and private framework that guarantees no AI models are trained on the user's data.

The platform is designed for easy integration, requiring no coding knowledge to get started thanks to its no-code visual builder. This enables businesses to quickly deploy their custom GPT chatbot, whether through website embed widgets, LiveChat, or API integration.

  • Enables GPT-4 powered chatbots customized with business content.
  • Secure, no-code platform for easy integration and accurate responses.
  • Wide content integration for personalized interactions.
  • No AI training on user data, ensuring privacy and accuracy in responses.
  • Simplifies embedding AI chatbots for enhanced customer and employee engagement.

4. Lyro by Tidio


Tidio offers a simplified solution for businesses to add a chatbot to their website. Instantly, you can chat with customers and solve their problems in real-time. It also makes it easy to offer perks such as custom discounts based on browsing history. The AI can also make product recommendations based on their behavior.

  • Use Lyro – a conversational AI – to offer personalized assistance
  • Lyro learns from your FAQs in seconds and formulates complex answers to solve your customers’ problems
  • The AI stays within the boundaries of your knowledge base, and you can update its information at any time
  • Lyro is easy to implement and doesn’t require training
  • Use a playground environment so you can see how Lyro will respond to customer questions and adapt your FAQs accordingly
  • You can activate the AI in under 3 minutes and it supports your customers 24/7
  • You and your audience can try this out with 50 free AI-driven conversations

5. Botsonic

Botsonic is a cutting-edge solution designed to transform customer support by leveraging the power of Generative AI models like GPT-4. It offers businesses the capability to deploy AI-powered chatbots trained on their own data, ensuring responses are secure, precise, and tailored to their specific needs. Botsonic's chatbots are capable of instantly resolving 80% of support queries, significantly reducing the volume of tickets that need human intervention.

For eCommerce platforms, Botsonic offers personalized product recommendations, reduces cart abandonments, facilitates easy checkouts and shipment tracking, and delivers personalized offers and promotions. It also addresses inventory queries efficiently.

In lead generation, Botsonic excels by collecting contact information, engaging potential customers, facilitating easy upselling and cross-selling, and nurturing leads with immediate follow-ups.

Botsonic ensures uninterrupted customer service across multiple platforms, including Embeddable Widgets, WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, and more.

  • Employs GPT-4 AI to resolve 80% of support queries instantly, across multiple platforms.
  • Integrates with various content sources for accurate, secure customer interactions.
  • Enhances eCommerce with personalized recommendations and streamlined checkouts.
  • Implements strict safeguards for trustworthy, focused customer support.
  • Complies with GDPR and SOC 2 Type II for robust data protection and management.

6. Botsify

One of the best fully-managed AI chatbot platforms on the market, Botsify enables companies to boost their presence on multiple channels. You can use the platform to create a chatbot for WordPress, WhatsApp, Telegram, and various other platforms.

One of the main features of Botsify is that it allows you to transfer queries between bots and human customer service representatives, which helps guarantee a better experience.

Botsify is already used by many big names like Spotify, Toyota, and the World Health Organization.

Here are some of the main features of Botsify:

  • 190+ languages available
  • Allows chatbots on multiple channels
  • Can store user data
  • Analytics and reporting capabilities
  • 100+ integrations
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by Ananay Batra

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